The Wall Street Underestimated Sohu Share Price

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"I think as long as don't) divulging important financial data, the responsible person of the enterprise in micro blog love say what say what." Are promoting micro Po's sohu chairman of zhang chaoyang yesterday in the "new perspective" BBS after when accepting a reporter to interview, to speak out on LiGuoQing debate "bigmorr female" view.

"Wall Street underestimate sohu share price"

"Little bo is a fragmentized expression, more relaxed than usual, so to speak conditions will relax. As long as the listed company executives do not divulging important financial data, do not violate the rules, the other can love say what say what. As for the call names, then take personal judgment." Of zhang chaoyang said.

LiGuoQing debate "bigmorr female enquiry triggered the domestic many enterprises to Wall Street investment Banks, and venture reflection part say, oneself also are investment Banks or investor down shares of the trouble. This evaluation of zhang chaoyang, said "I to Wall Street's discontent and LiGuoQing difference", because Wall Street to sohu stock price undervalued.

"American investors are not actual use our product, so china-related shares in America really China sogou input method, concept. Such as China's market share 80% above, but Wall Street to its valuation is zero, because americans don't." Of zhang chaoyang said.

Not believing Groupon tencent cooperation

Since last September of zhang chaoyang launched "reengineering sohu" and personally stood up to eco-agricultural micro bo, he believed at present already see part effect. Meanwhile, sohu in Beijing's bus and major cities in the radio station invest a lot of advertisements, of no definite specifying promotion costs, "says only cost less than tens of".

For in such traditional methods to promote micro bo this newborn thing, whether it is a valid of zhang chaoyang said. "we are already late micro bo, so we need to use a one-two".

Talked about recently hot degree after micro bo even apartments-and of zhang chaoyang says, do not look good 团购网 standing Groupon world first joint venture with tencent prospect. He admitted that he doesn't know much about this not too much, jan.7 to speak. But as long as it is Internet field of sino-foreign joint venture company, that is "not constitute any threat"

Sohu issued by 2010, quarter earnings in the United States time 25th day of trading, sohu share prices in dollar 74.93 13.94% and barrel. Swim in the stock rose 11.11% barrel in 36.00 dollars. The third quarter earnings data display sohu 1.64 billion revenue for year-on-year, 20%, annulus growth 12%; Net profit 54-million-dollar lawsuit, an increase of 15%, annulus comparing grows 19%. Sohu, chairman of zhang chaoyang said: "our years of diversification strategy finally out some umems, produced a fairly good results." Previously, proposed the "reengineering of sohu" plan, and hope in the video, games, search and WEB2.0 four directions comprehensive send force, according to the third quarter earnings, sohu search business income of $5.4 million, 134% year-on-year to soar. At present in the network video playback sohu video total and watch a total duration are ranked third, domestic per capita monthly browse ranked second duration, the per capita one-day browse industry un-ling ranked first. Sohu swim in business is year-on-year 25%. Partial international marketing research organization yesterday on the sohu briefly discussed. One of the American Banks will swim sohu and stock rating maintain for "buy" class, deutsche bank, maintain the sohu stock "hold"

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The Wall Street Underestimated Sohu Share Price

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This article was published on 2011/01/31