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Wall Street do not care about history. Over the past 40 years, Intel has done nothing of significance is that it in the past three months how much money.

No one thought that Intel's 40th anniversary celebration at the mouth of another company leaders began.

"This is the world smallest Core 2 Duo chip." January 15, in San Francisco, California Mosikangni conference center, the legendary Apple CEO Steve Jobs (SteveJobs) said on audience 4000 audience "While this strong performance of the latest Intel Core 2 Duo chips, with more than its other chips, the volume reduced by 60%." marveled the audience suddenly burst. Such a small chip, it is Apple's new MacBookAir to become the world's thinnest notebook computer is an important reason?? This only 4 mm in the thinnest computer, the motherboard is only a pencil so long.

No doubt that this represents the ultra-small chips Intel created the occasion of 40 years, the peak of the technology's another leap. The chip giant by the invention of integrated circuits, memory and microprocessors, today laid the foundation for the whole world of information. In addition to that of Intel's R & D and manufacturing technology is far ahead of the industry once again, the history of the smallest microprocessor also means that Intel will allow it to participate to create this world of information more effectively into your backpack and the belt she, embedded in your life, and to large gains, as did the past 40 years.

Week later, Intel's Silicon Valley headquarters, CEO Paul? Otellini (PaulOtellini) in the global staff meeting to announce Intel's 2008 Key words: "Borntolead" (natural leader). Valley 40 years as the only remaining technology companies, as well as the order of the founder of today's information society, Intel's self-definition is heroic, or even conceit.

Cruel is that Wall Street do not care about history. Over the past 40 years, Intel has done nothing of significance is that it in the past three months how much money. Also in January 15 this day, the market outlook, Intel's stock plunged 14% in the day?? The reason is simple, Intel released the day the fourth quarter of fiscal 2007 announced that its earnings per share earnings of 38 cents a share, compared with an increase of 46% a year earlier, operating profits or even 2 times the same period last year, total sales also improved by 10.5% year on year, reaching 10.7 billion. But it still did not meet Wall Street's expectations: sales of 10.8 billion U.S. dollars and 40 cents earnings per share.

"Sometimes I think, is not Intel's rival AMD, but Wall Street," the current chairman of Intel Craig? Barrett (CraigBarrett) with a wry smile on the "Global Entrepreneur," said. Indeed, this company has always been no shortage of challenges, Intel's every important stage of development, is the fate of transition between the ups and downs. However, Intel's current challenge seems to be more severe than in the past?? Has never been looked down on the old Intel rival AMD with new technologies, pressing harder and harder, and Wall Street demand for short-term revenue growth, all pressure in the CEO Paul? Otellini body. The 57-year-old San Francisco man has always been to Intel in the history of a CEO known for non-technical background.

However, Otellini had to bear the most difficult time is not now, but a year ago. Fiscal year 2006, the world's largest semiconductor company's sales and profits were down 9% and 39%, the aftermath of large layoffs has not tried to frustrate the dispersion around emotions. He became CEO in just the second quarter of 2005, Intel's sales had also reached "record" of 9.2 billion U.S. dollars, net profit up 16%, two-phase reflection, drastic changes. At that moment, Otellini is no guarantee that even the throne.

In 2007, Otellini pulled through. He cut off all computer microprocessors and memory independent of the business, no longer refer to his hand to promote the concept of platform strategy unclear, but the same as the blitz launched faster, stronger and regain the chip market. Heavy haze will eventually dissipate signs: the second quarter of 2007, its net profit rose 44% over the previous year, an increase of 43% in the third quarter, fourth quarter, then again raised to 51%, reaching 2.3 billion.

"I think he's transcript is satisfying." Barrett told the "Global Entrepreneur." In the past three years, Wall Street likes and dislikes of the repeated Intel, Otellini 33 years is undoubtedly the most demanding test of his career. But this test, largely from his CEO post office trying to bring change to this chip empire.
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Intel For 40 Years: A Natural Leader - Intel, Intel, Semiconductors - Electronics Industry

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